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To partner with Christian parents as they obey the Lord's command to train their children in core academics based on Biblical truth


To change our community and the world by equipping the next generation to go forth and serve


We value families - We are privileged to serve the family. In a safe, loving environment, children are challenged in the Word of God and in the knowledge of the world He has made.


We value the local church - We affirm the mission of Bible-believing churches to disciple people for Christ. We support local churches by encouraging attendance and loyalty to their ministries. 

We value our students - We are motivated by love to, "watch for their souls," and to show our students the way of salvation through Jesus Christ. We will demonstrate the Christian life in our words and actions and imitate the love of God in our relationships with our students. We will give them the tools that are necessary for a full, blessed life.

We value our faculty - We will provide an environment that allows our faculty to minister freely and effectively. We encourage excellence and support the work of faculty with materials and training to assist them in strengthening their ministries. We meet their financial, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

We value our alumni - We owe a great debt to our past graduates, and we are committed to making "their school" one they can claim with pride. We pledge to hold fast the principles and heritage that have made this school what it is, while at the same time refusing to remain idle in the pursuit of excellence. 

We value our community - We desire the name of Calvary Baptist Academy to be associated with honesty and integrity in all fiscal matters. We pledge to educate young people to make a positive contribution to society in their role as the "salt of the earth." We demonstrate a submissive spirit to civil authority. We strive to present a testimony that will not shame the cause of Jesus Christ.

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