We support your decision to
homeschool your child and wish to
partner with you in your efforts to
provide your student with biblical

Our goal through the homeschool
initiative is to offer those who have
chosen homeschooling an
opportunity to enhance their learning
experience in a traditional classroom

Our partnership can help students
meet state graduation requirements
while providing an opportunity to get
involved in athletics.

Our Mission 

In addition to the general expectations, homeschool student athletes will...

  • be enrolled in at least 1 core (Math, Science, History, English) academic class each semester to receive CBA high school credit

  • be enrolled in a second class each semester for CBA high school credit

  • be enrolled in live-taught instructional classes (virtual classes and PE will not be accepted)

  • meet all CBA eligibility requirements for extracurricular activities laid forth in the Student-Parent Handbook

Student Athletes

The student will...

  • complete all application procedures and be in agreement with the initiative
    be accepted into initiative and granted part-time status as a CBA student

  • register for classes that are appropriate for the student's grade-level (academic and age)

  • be faithful to attend class and abide by attendance policy of full-time CBA students

  • follow all policies, rules, regulations in Student-Parent Handbook

  • be considered a full-time student if enrolling in 4 or more classes

  • have the opportunity to enroll in CBA's dual credit courses for college and high school credit

What to Expect

Registration fee                     $195

1/2 credit class                       1/10 tuition

1 credit class                           1/6 tuition 

2 credit classes                       1/3 tuition

3 credit classes                       1/2 tuition

Dual credit class                     MU tuition rate


2020-21 Tuition Rates
                        (for 10 months)

One Student                           $4,500
Two Students                          $7,650
Three Students                       $10,300
Four+ Students                       $11,300




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Hurricane, WV 25526

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